GPS Tracker Multifunctional Tracking Device

GT06E 3G GPS Tracker
จี พี เอ ส GT06E

GT06E 3G GPS Tracker Multifunctional Tracking Device

ระบบ gps ติด รถ

GT06E gets you a step ahead with 3G capabilities and better tracking, ideal for fleet tracking and management. Utilizing cutting-edge GPS technology, the GT06E features not only traditional tracking functions as tele-cutoff petrol, geo-fence, SOS alarm, overspeed alert, but optional digital outputs for door detection, vehicle pinpoint by audio-visual alert, external power voltage etc.

3G High-speed Transmission Data

The GT06E supports WCDMA 3G high-speed data transmission, which can reach 7.2 M/s, the 3G high-speed data transfer rate is nearly 43 times the speed of the 2G network, let you get rid of the 2G worries, enjoy a quick and exciting life.

Voice Monitoring

Any SOS number calls the device and keep ringing for more than 10s, the device will enter voice monitoring status, we can monitor the sound around the device. The device will not make any noise during the monitor process.

SOS Emergency calling

The GT06E have Independent SOS key, press SOS button for 3 seconds to activate SOS alarms. Then the device will send SOS SMS to preset SOS numbers and dial the numbers in a loop for 3 times until one of them answers. Finally, send location to platform.

Vibration Alarm

When GT06E vehicle GPS tracker vibrates several times, the vibration alarm will be triggered. If no ignition after 3 minutes (ACC OFF), it will send an alarm message to the platform and an alarm SMS to preset SOS number.

Chargeable Lithium Polymer Battery

When the electricity supply of the GT06E is cut off, it will activate cut-off alarm. The built-in lithium battery equipment continues to work. The GT06E will send related SMS to the SOS number. Let the thief nowhere to run.

Oil Cut-off

When the phone receives an abnormal alarm, we can send oil cut-off command on a platform. To make sure the security of vehicle, tracker can only indicate to cut off oil when GPS is in valid status, and the speed is less than 20km/h.

The Move Alarm

When your car moves out the pre-set distance (when ACC is off and GPS is fixed). Phone to make sure your car is safe.       

Find Your Car Easily

We can find our car by triggering light and buzzer by send a command “FIND”. After receives the command, it will control turn right relay or horn relay by the yellow line of extended port, so as to trigger the car’s light or horn.

Door Detection

The device is able to detect door status. It uploads car status to platform and APP timely. When car door’s status is negative triggering, there is no need to set. Instead, if car door status is positive triggering way has to be modified.

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